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Starter Guide for Windows System Image Manager

Starter Guide for Windows System Image Manager
Contenuto dell'eBook:

Windows System Image Manager (SIM) allows PC Manufactures, IT Managers, and Embedded Developers to automate the installation of Windows operating systems. SIM allows these developers to install applications, device drivers, and Windows updates along with the Windows operating system. The ability to automate operating system installation helps to remove any human error that can occur with manual installation. Also, the ability to maintain and support many platforms over a long life cycle is an important to asset in today’s ever changing technology. Starter Guide for Windows System Image Manager covers all the basic functions of System Image Manager (SIM):
  • Successfully and consistently creating a catalog for Windows Server, Windows Desktop, or Windows Embedded Industry
  • Distribution share setup for applications and device drivers
  • Adding updates to a distribution share
  • Creating custom answer files to preset basic elements and enable Windows operating system features
  • Cloning an image using sysprep and an unattended file

For Embedded Developers, architecting the Windows operating system is an important part of the image development process and critical for product life cycle support. The new Windows Embedded Industry (WEI) is being targeted at a wide range of embedded systems. To support these unique systems, WEI comes with a set of Lockdown features that can be enabled through SIM:
  • Unified Write Filter (UWF)
  • Keyboard Filter
  • Dialog Filter
  • Embedded Lockdown Manager
  • User Experience

The book also covers third-party tools like SecureBus and real-time solutions from TenAsys to secure and enhance the performance of Windows Embedded. The book brings all these elements together in 9 chapters with 11 step-by-step exercises to create and architect Windows images into final systems.

Per maggiori informazioni: l'eBook "Starter Guide for Windows System Image Manager" di Sean D. Liming e John R. Malin, edito da Annabooks, è in vendita in formato Kindle su al prezzo di Euro 22,38.

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