martedì 7 marzo 2017

Working Smarter for Mac Users

Working Smarter for Mac UsersContenuto dell'eBook:

"This isn’t a Mac book. It isn’t even a computer book. I’ve written many and this isn’t one of them. Don’t get me wrong, this book was written for Mac users, but it’s not actually about your Mac.

This book will show you how to become hyper-productive, avoid procrastination, use your time wisely, and how to harness your Mac to think differently about the way you work.

This book takes elements of personal productivity and time management and blends them seamlessly with Macintosh tools and tips for amplifying their effectiveness. The result is a tasty recipe for doing more work in less time and avoiding procrastination.

Reading this book will help you get more done in less time. But to take it to the next level—to become an über-powerful, raging thunder lizard of productivity with lots more time to do the things you love, you’ll need to do more than just read" (Bob LeVitus)

Per maggiori informazioni: l'eBook "Working Smarter for Mac Users" di Bob LeVitus è in vendita in formato Kindle su al prezzo di Euro 28,23.

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