lunedì 31 maggio 2021

Aggiornamento Firefox 89.0 per Mac, Windows e Linux

Aggiornamento Firefox 89.0 per Mac, Windows e LinuxRilasciato l'aggiornamento alla versione 89.0 del noto browser Firefox.

A questo link sono pubblicate le note di rilascio di questa nuova versione con l'elenco di tutte le novità, in particolare:

  • Say hello to a fresh new Firefox, designed to get you where you want to go even faster. We’ve redesigned and modernized the core experience to be cleaner, more inviting, and easier to use.

    Beginning in 89, you’ll notice a number of changes, including:

    Simplified browser chrome and toolbar: Less frequently used items removed to focus on the most important navigation items.

    Simplified browser chrome and toolbar screenshot

    Clear, streamlined menus: Re-organized and prioritized menu content according to usage. Updated labels and removed iconography.

    Clear, streamlined menus screenshot

    Updated prompts: Infobars, panels, and modals have a cleaner design and clearer language.

    Updated prompts screenshot

    Inspired tab design: Floating tabs neatly contain information and surface cues when you need them, like visual indicators for audio controls. The rounded design of the active tab supports focus and signals the ability to easily move the tab as needed.

    Inspired tab design screenshot

    Fewer interruptions: Reduced number of alerts and messages, so you can browse with fewer distractions.

    Cohesive, calmer visuals: Lighter iconography, a refined color palette, and more consistent styling throughout.

    This release also includes enhancements to our privacy offerings:

  • For macOS users, we're introducing the elastic overscroll effect known from many other applications. A gentle bouncing animation will indicate that you reached the end of the page.

    In addition, we added support for smart zoom. Double-tap with two fingers on your trackpad, or with a single finger on your Magic Mouse, to zoom the content below your cursor into focus.

  • Native context menus: Context menus on macOS are now native and support Dark Mode.

    macOS native context menus screenshot

  • Colors in Firefox on macOS will no longer be saturated on wide gamut displays, untagged images are properly treated as sRGB, and colors in images tagged as sRGB will now match CSS colors.

  • In full screen mode on macOS, moving your mouse to the top of the screen will no longer hide your tabs behind the system menu bar.

  • Also in full screen mode on macOS, it is now possible to hide the browser toolbars for a fully immersive full screen experience. This brings macOS in line with Windows and Linux.

  • Various stability and security fixes.

  • Introducing a non-native implementation of web form controls, which delivers a new modern design and some improvements to page load performance. Watch for layout bugs in web pages that make assumptions about the dimensions or styling of form controls.

  • The screenshots feature is available in the right-click context menu. You can also add a screenshots shortcut to your toolbar. Learn more.


  • Developer Information
  • Better keyboard navigation for editable BoxModel properties in the Inspector panel

Web Platform

A questo link è pubblicato l'elenco di tutti i bugfix.

Link diretto per il download di Firefox versione 89.0 per Windows e di Firefox versione 89.0 per Windows a 64 bit in italiano (Richiede un PC con Windows 7, 8 o 10, processore Pentium 4 o superiore con supporto SSE2, 512MB di RAM / 2GB di RAM per la versione a 64 bit e 200MB di spazio libero su disco rigido)

Link diretto per il download di Firefox versione 89.0 per Macintosh in italiano (Richiede macOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15 o 11, processore Intel x86 o Apple silicon, 512 MB di RAM e 200 MB di spazio libero su disco rigido)

Link diretto per il download di Firefox versione 89.0 per Linux e di Firefox versione 89.0 per Linux a 64 bit in italiano (Sono richieste le seguenti librerie o pacchetti: GTK+ 3.14, X.Org 1.0 [raccomandata 1.7], libstdc++ 4.8.1, glibc 2.17 o versioni superiori, Si raccomandano, inoltre, le seguenti librerie o pacchetti: NetworkManager 0.7, DBus 1.0, GNOME 2.16 o versioni superiori, PulseAudio)

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