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Security Issues in Router

Security Issues in Router
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"Hacking is becoming rampant on the Router. Huge number of attacks have recorded over Router. Router security is a critical element in any security deployment. Routers are definite targets for network attackers. If an attacker can compromise and access a router, it can be a potential aid to them. Routers fulfill the following roles: Advertise networks and filter who can use them. Provide access to network segments and sub networks. Routers are Targets Because routers provide gateways to other networks,they are obvious targets, and are subject to a variety of attacks.

Compromising the access control can expose network configuration details, thereby facilitating attacks against other network components.

Compromising the route tables can reduce performance, deny network communication services, and expose sensitive data.

Misconfiguring a router traffic filter can expose internal network components to scans and attacks, making it easier for attackers to avoid detection.

In his Thesis we will discuss the security problem on the Router by attacking the Router." (ASHOK KOUJALAGI)

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