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Web Security

Web Security
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Web security is an important issue, and with a slew of recent hacking attacks, it is that much more essential that you know how to protect yourself. This guide is designed to help you with just that. We will take a look at protecting yourself on two fronts; Personally (Your Info, Your Computer) and your websites.

Protecting your personal information and computer, is important for ANY internet user. Everyone is a potential victim, and the less you know about protecting yourself, then the more likely you will be a target. Once you read the first half of this guide, you will be able to choose and manage strong passwords, spot any infections on your computer and deal with any resulting issues. The info will be useful for anyone who uses the internet in your household, and should be shared with your family, or anyone that uses your computer.

The second half of this guide will look at protecting your websites. It isn’t just your home computer that is under constant assault. If you have a website up it is also a potential target. This isn’t just true for money making sites; simple business sites and even personal pages have been the target of unscrupulous hackers as well.

If you are making money online, then this second section will be even more important to you. You could be risking entire sources of income by being lackadaisical or making simple mistakes that can be easily corrected. This section will look at topics like basic website security, and WordPress plugins that can help protect your website.

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