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10 Historic Moments Of The Internet - Historic Moments Series

10 Historic Moments Of The Internet - Historic Moments Series
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The internet has impacted the lives of more people worldwide than any other invention. Since its popularity began to increase in the late 1980s and early 1990s people have used it for research, for entertainment, for gaming, for communication. Its uses are growing daily. Millions of people use the internet for hours per day and as a planet we use the internet more than any other device.

The book covers the top ten most important developments in the history of the internet, from its inception through to today.

The first thing that the book deals with is the Dial up Modem. If you’re old enough you will undoubtedly remember the dial up modem and the irritating noise it used to make before connecting you to the internet. If you were lucky it would work immediately, if not you could be waiting for a while.

The book goes into detail about the dial up modem, closely followed by the company America Online or AOL. AOL were the company who really brought the internet to the masses, introducing email and the worldwide web to all. For the first time the internet fell within the ordinary person’s budget and people signed up in their millions.

Next was the advent of cable internet. Cable internet was like cable television. Now you could have internet all over your home, the connection speed was faster than with the dial up modem and so more could be accomplished online.

After this, the book goes into depth on Napster. Napster was created in 1999 and completely revolutionized the way that internet users downloaded music and other entertainment items. The book goes into the revolution in detail but Napster, of course, also had repercussions for the music industry. With falling sales and piracy the music industry had to change as well.

After Napstar came the advent of Social Media and the phenomenon of Facebook. The book also examines My Space but it is, of course, Facebook that must dominate any discussion of the internet.

Facebook has so many users that in population terms, it is the 4th biggest country in the world.

It has changed the world that we live in. People communicate more easily with each other, share their interests and lives online.

After Facebook is anything else as important?

The book also moves on to talk about Youtube and other less popular video services such as NetFlix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, the WWE Network and NFL Sunday Ticket. They give people the opportunity to access their media favorites wherever they are, as long as they have the app that corresponds.

By now you will have learned how the internet has changed our society, but the book concludes with examining Google, the Smartphone and wireless internet.

These 3 things have made the internet accessible to all. Wireless internet means that we can use the internet anywhere at any time, whilst millions use the Smartphone and almost everyone uses Google.

But to find out more and discover the history of these wonderful inventions you’re going to have to download the book and enjoy reading it today!

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