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Install PHP and MySQL on Windows Server Essentials

Install PHP and MySQL on Windows Server Essentials
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The combination of the popular PHP server-side scripting language and MySQL database management system powers many of the leading web applications available today. When your home or small business server is correctly configured to support PHP MySQL applications, you can really begin to stretch the boundaries of what that box can do!

PHP and MySQL aren’t supported “out of the box” in Windows Server, but in this guide, we'll show you how easy it is to get them up and running. You'll learn how to prepare your server to run PHP and MySQL smoothly, and we'll introduce you to Microsoft's Web Platform Installer and IIS Manager, which are used to install and configure your PHP installation.

Once PHP is on board, you find out how to upgrade PHP to the latest release, keeping your server bang up to date. Alternatively, if you need to downgrade to an earlier version, or remove PHP altogether, we've got you covered.

Now, PHP without MySQL is like Laurel without Hardy, nachos without salsa or Crockett without Tubbs so we round up the guide with a deep-dive into the MySQL relational database system. You'll learn how to install MySQL on your server and manage your databases using the popular phpMyAdmin application.

Installing PHP and MySQL opens up fabulous new possibilities for Windows Server Essentials - an essential project for any server enthusiast!

Per maggiori informazioni: l'eBook "Install PHP and MySQL on Windows Server Essentials" di Terry Walsh, edito da We Got Served Ltd., è in vendita in formato Kindle su al prezzo di Euro 4,15.

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