venerdì 28 novembre 2014

Know WordPress Inside Out in 8 Hours...

Know WordPress Inside Out in 8 Hours...
Contenuto dell'eBook:

Build your own website and set up your own online business. Get a head start with the WordPress and learn all about it without spending much time.

Learn to make your websites more secure. Learn the basics of Search engine optimization and how you can implement them on your WordPress website. Learn the basics of WordPress development, what are Frameworks, what are Child Themes, what are Loops, etc.

Learn how to create your own social network, how to set up an eShop and more.

Learn everything that you need to learn about WordPress in less than 8 hours..

Per maggiori informazioni: l'eBook "Know WordPress Inside Out in 8 Hours..." di Atul Narang, edito da Themes Plug, è in vendita in formato Kindle su al prezzo di Euro 2,68.

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